Format for Email

Email me ( deblina[at] if interested in joining my group: Nano-Cybernetic Biotrek (NCB) using the format given below. Emails without the following format and not having all components from A-H, may not be read (write NA if something is not applicable but DO NOT delete any component A-H). 

Title of email
Interested in NCB for Masters or PhD or postdoc or exchange or internship or collaboration or general interest_first name last name
example: Interested in NCB for PhD_Robert Brown
FORMAT for email text (This format should be in the email text and not just in attachment)
A>    Undergraduate University:
         Year of completion (expected):
B>    MS/PhD University (if applicable):
​         GPA:
         Year of completion (expected):
C>    Work Instituition(s) (if different from above):
         start and completion year(present): 
D>     Keywords for areas you have work/background in:
E1>     Projects done with numbers/bullet-points and no more than 2-3 sentences for each project:
  1. Title of project: 1-3 sentence description
  2. ….
E2>     Experience with magnetic/ magnetoelectric/multiferroic materials
      1> Mention magnetic materials used in research (if any)
      2> What kind of devices you have built with these magnetic materials (if any)
      3> What kinds of characterizations/measurements you have done on these materials (if any)
E3>     Experience with wireless and microwave technology
      1> Antennae design experience (if any)
      2> Energy harvesting related work (if any)
      3> What kinds of things (e.g. chemicals/gas/pressure/voltage changes or others) you have sensed/detected wirelessly (if any)
F> Publications/patents if any (link to google scholar page if available):
         eg.: author names, "paper title", journal, year
           your name and journal/conference name in bold
G1>     Simulation/Modeling/Design Skills if any (with bullet points):
G2>      Nanofabrication skills if any (with bullet points):
G3>       In vivo animal work if any (with bullet points):
G4>      Other experimental skills if any (with bullet points):
G5>        Have you worked in or have background in any of the following areas (for each area, write one of the following options: Research Experience/
            Strong fundamentals/ basic knowledge/ no experience ):
  1. Electromagnetism, Antennae: Research Experience/Strong fundamentals/ basic knowledge/ no experience 
  2. wireless sensing
  3. Electronic devices, MOSFETs, solid state physics
  4. electronic circuits and systems
  5. magnetic materials and devices, magnetics, spintronics
  6. general chemistry, polymer chemistry, drug delivery 
  7. biomedical devices, wearable, implants, prosthetics
  8. brain activity recording, brain stimulation
H>      Do you have financial support or your own funding to support your future work: 
I>      OPTIONAL: Anything else (you may want to convey):
        CV with details of research work, courses taken and publications etc.  Name the file: first name last name_CV.
        optional: List of design tools/simulators used.  Name the file: first name last name_simulators.
        optional: List of experimental/characterization tools used.  Name the file: first name last name_experimental tools.
         optional: ppt presentation of your research work. Name the file: first name last name_research
         optional: Bachelors, Masters or PhD Thesis.  Name the file: first name last name_Thesis
         optional: What you would like to do in my group.  Name the file: first name last name_proposed work