Understanding the brain aiming towards better treatment of brain diseases as well as bringing the efficiency of neuronal computation to electronics and ultimately, for augmentation of the brain itself through smart prosthetics. Super-resolution structural mapping of neuronal connectomics and elucidating the molecular building blocks of the brain. Recording functional brain activity with novel biomolecular memory and optogenetics. [Int. Conf. Nanoscopy 2018, Soc. Neurosci. 2016, Lindau Nobel Laureate Meet. 2016, Jnl. Biomed. Optics. 2016],0,301x273/



Design and fabrication of novel quantum transistors for obtaining high energy efficiency and ultra-scalability which includes exploration of tunnel-FETs (TFETs) as well as novel 2D materials (MoS2, WSe2 etc); Physics based modeling of quantum transport and band-to-band tunneling phenomenon including analytical modeling as well as development of own numerical device simulator based on Non-Equilibrium Green's Function Formalism. [Nature 2015Nano Lett. 2015, ACS Nano 2014, IEDM 2014, Phys. Rev. X 2014, IEDM 2013, Nano Lett. 2013, APL 2013, IEDM 2012, APL 2011, APL 2010, EDL 2010],0,300x251/



Design and fabrication of ultra-sensitive electrical biosensors; Demonstration of FET biosensor based on atomically layered structures (such a 2D graphene and transition metal dichalcogenides) which not only provide ultra-high sensitivity and easy patternablity but are also ultra-flexible and hence highly promising for wearable and implantable bio-devices; I also proposed the idea of leveraging the phenomenon of interband tunneling for breaking the fundamental limits of conventional FET based biosensors. (this work is highlighted in Nature Nanotechnology[ACS Nano 2014, APL 2013, APL 2013, APL 2012, DRC 2012],0,301x256/



Accurate physical modeling of ultra-high frequency conductance of graphene ribbons (GRs); rigorous analysis of the intricate processes occurring at high frequencies in GRs, such as anomalous skin effect (ASE), high-frequency resistance and inductance saturation, intercoupled relation between edge specularity and ASE; investigation of the implications for designing interconnects and energy efficient passive devices. [TED 2011, TED 2011, IITC 2010],0,300x250/



Detailed theoretical and experimental analysis of the impact of strain on ESD performance in nanoscale devices (Gated diodes, NMOS devices in gate-grounded (GG) and gate-tied-high (GH) configurations) in both bulk as well as SOI technologies. [IEDM 2010, ESD FORUM 2009]